PS5 - PS5 We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie (R3/English) - Sony - Video Game

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Video Game


5 NEW STAGES STARRING A YOUNG KING OF ALL COSMOS Enjoy all-new stages and collectibles inspired by the first interlude movie of the main game that shows the King as a child

TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ADVENTURE IN SELFIE MODE Take photos and decorate them; Use the photo rally feature to take pictures and collect stickers of Namco characters; Filling your photo rally sheet lets you unlock new frames and filters
PLAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT WITH NO LIMITATIONS This remaster comes with an Eternal Mode for those that want to play with no time limit; Keep it rolling for as long as you want
QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS Favorite your favorite musical tracks, better locate target objects that help find barricades and goal objects, easily find stages to play with the Find a Fan shortcut, and enjoy on a wider pool of gaming platforms