PS5 - PS5 Wild Hearts (Asia/English) - Sony - Video Game

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* HUNT GIANT NATURE-INFUSED BEASTS - Kemono are the embodiment of the power of nature. These giant beasts fused with natural elements over time, modifying their environment to accommodate their needs. How can mere humans hope to take down such massive foes? It will take courage, cunning, and great skill. Survive their attacks, learn from their behaviors, and use your Karakuri and your weapons in combination to cut these creatures down to size
* CRAFT YOUR HUNTING GROUNDS - You are the only one in Azuma able to wield the Karakuri technology. This ancient tech enables you to adapt your environment into creative hunting grounds ideal for taking down the giant Kemono. Stock up on materials to build many kinds of Karakuri, depending upon your needs, skills, and which Kemono you are fighting. Use them to explore, defend yourself and your fellow hunters, and gain the upper hand in battle
* HUNT IN A PACK, OR BE A LONE WOLF - For some, the thrill of the hunt is best savored alone. But even the most deadly hunter may face a beast they cannot take down on their own. In WILD HEARTS you can unite with up to two friends (or other players) to stalk and hunt your prey. Hunting in a party will enable you to expand your battle plans and special missions